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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 10, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PST

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investigators and residents in the neighborhood who tell us this is not common for their neighborhood at all. what we do know is that police tell us that a man and a woman were found unconscious in the streets behind me. now, what we know is this. two victims a female and male were rushed to san francisco general after being found in the 900 block of bros sell street 8:30 this evening bound, gaged and unconscious. medical aid was initiated at the scene, but both victims were rushed to san francisco general with life-threatening injuries. >> first we want them to be stabilized medically, and then we are going to try to see if we can ascertain some information from them after they have been medically tended to. >> right now there are more questions than answers. how were the victed? assaulted? what is the extent of their injuries. police have yet to determine a motive, and they are working to identify the victims. and one more thing is essential to their investigation. they are still trying to
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determine if the assault happened at this location. back here live, and i can tell you that police stress that they believe there is no threat to the community. residents i spoke with tell me that this neighborhood is quiet, and that they weren't even aware that anything was happening until they heard sirens and the flashing lights outside their door. one more thing to mention. investigators say that they are asking anyone who may have noticed or seen anything out of the ordinary that they contact san francisco police department up the street where you can see the lights. that's exactly where the bodies were found. again, it is not common for this section of visitation valley. in visitation valley, nick smith, abc news. >> very strange, nick. and of course you can check the latest on abc dive teams are searching for a missing man who never came home last night. 77-year-old philip madingly was last seen on a warship docked at the mier islands. lilian kim joins us live from
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there tonight with the latest. lilian? >> this is the world war ii ship that philip madingly was, woulding on. the prevailing theory tonight is that he fell into the water. friends and family believe that something bad has happened to 77-year-old philip madingly. the engineer was last seen wok working on the world war ii vessel. he was with madingly on saturday. the two were working on the warship from this tug boat dock next to it. >> i am sure if it was something miner we heard -- minor we would have heard from it. we checked with the hospitals. >> police were notified of maddingly's disappearance after he never made it home. the sheriff marine team and coast guard spent the day looking for him, but the strong current forced them to suspend the search earlier
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than they hoped. >> at this time all indications are that he could have possibly fallen into the water. at least initially there is no indication of foul play or anything like that of the -- or anything like that.he was he was definitely his boat. >> his truck was all loaded up and ready to go. the light in the tug boat was still on. the door was also open. >> that would have been the last thing to do is go back aboard the tug and close the door and lock up. and then come back aboard the ship and get the power switch here, and then he would be on his way. but we would like closure. we would like to know what did happen. >> reporter: dive teams plan to resume their search as soon as possible, but that will depend on the conditions in the water. live in vallejo, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. a cal train slammed into a car on the tracks, but no one was hurt.
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it happened near 16th street and 7th. service was stopped briefly in both directions. the car stalled on the tracks and the occupants were able to slow the train down in time ?ie. in southern california a tow truck driver was killed by an amtrak train as he tried to get a stalled car off the tracks. the people in the stalled car got out safely. authorities say the victim was on the tracks when the crossing gates closed around him and he couldn't get uh what i in time. a mexican wire service claiming the explain that was carrying jennie rivera magazine functioned once before the crash. the singer born in southern california was best known for her songs in the mexican regional banda and nor tan yaw styles. >> it is a shock to the family. it is incredible, something most of you who know my sister she was a very strong person. she fought for everything in life. she was a great person. >> jennie rivera was a role
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model to women and members of the gay community. >> the gay community love her. she is one of -- i would say a diva. >> a moiment -- a moment of silence was held for her at a gay club in the mission district. buckingham palace reports that kate middleton is suffering from acute morning sickness again, but will not go back to the hospital. william will stay with his woif until thursday. she could suffer from symptoms for several months. two shock jocks will be questioned at the request of scotland yard. scotland yard isthe death of a g the death of a nurse who took their prank call at the hospital where kate was being treated. ly glasser -- leigh glaser has more on what is going on outside. >> as we check out live doppler 7hd, the skies are
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clear. earlier today we had warm enough temperatures to set two records, but the numbers are falling, and they are falling quick. check out these temperatures. it is 45 in napa and it is currently 49 degrees in concord. the temperatures in most other areas in the 50s. you will need a coat or jacket as you head out the door. it will be chilly as you head back to work on monday or back to school. when you need the umbrellas in your back to work forecast is coming up. we know the name of a man killed skateboarding on friday. scott hicker son was hit by an suv near monument boulevard. the driver, a 21-year-old woman, did stop at the scene of the accident. police are still investigating. a candlelight vigil was held in antioch for a man shot and kirled in front of his home. police have not yet released the name of the 43-year-old man killed last night in the 2300 block of banion way. the man was shot numerous times. one man told us the only way
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to stop the violence is for people to come forward and tell police what they know. the union city woman convicted of killing michelle le is scheduled for sentencing tomorrow. state sentencing laws require her to spend 25 years in prison after an alameda county jury convicted her. they say le was killed in a jealous rage. ?oi a community-based radio station hopes to get back on the air after it was targeted by vandals. they provided us with these images showing what vandals did to the transmitter site. they discovered the damage this morning. the vandalism has knocked them off their position at 89.5. 1k3* it is not the first time somebody has targeted the station. >> three times over the summer, and now it is the fall , is definitely something they are trying to target. >> last year someone sprayed racist words on the studios in
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vallejo. the station calls itself the voice of vallejo and markets to the bay area's african-american community. the number of nonsmoking apartment units in san francisco may soon rise. a board of supervisors committee will hear a proposal that would force landlords to designate their units as smoking or nonsmoking and inform their tenants. they hope the number of nonsmoking units will pressure those of smoking units. still to come, a of case of young criminals. what a 7 and 11-year-old are accuse i had -- accused of doing. and the rescue of an american doctor from the taliban and the involvement of seal team 6. and a hot new item that is selling for twice the value on ebay.
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new details on the dangerous rescue of an american held captive by armed militants in afghanistan. the doctor was saved, but today we learned that one of the rescuers was killed. abc news reporter with the latest. >> it happened under the cover of darkness. a joint afghan and american special forces raid to rescue this man. a doctor worked -- working for a will could koll-based morning star development. >> this is a stream with lots of training on hostage rescues. until you get in there and do it you never know when you will find. >> here is how it went down. on wednesday joseph and two afghan colleagues were returning from a medical clinic in a remote province boy they were kidnapped armed militants. they were then taken to a
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mountainous region close to the pakistan border. the afghan captives were released, but joseph wasn't spending three terrifying days days in captivity. when they showed joseph's life was in imminent dangerous move. >> there is high risk that the hostage, him or herself could be injured or killed. you need somebody at a high level to say i am authorizing this mission. >> reporter: that authorization came personally from the top commander in afghanistan, general john alan. special forces landed by helicopter setting off a firefight leaving several fighters dead. joseph was airlifted to bagram airbase and the victim came at a price. a service member who was injured trying to rescue joseph died of his wounds. the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of an american doctor who otherwise may have been killed. >> we have also learned the rescuer who died was a member of seal team 6.
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that's the elite unit that helped bring down osama bin laden. secretary of state hillary clinton is fighting a stomp mass virus and will delay -- a stomach virus and will delay her trip. she will fly to moroccan on tuesday instead of tomorrow. she will be the legitimate voice of the people. the health of nelson mandela is reportedly failing. however, a spokesperson said there is no need for alarm. mandela was admitted to a hospital in south africa yesterday for unspecified reasons. mandela is 94 years old. tonight an eight-year-old girl shot by her father after he killed three people on an indian reservation near porterville has died of her wounds. sheriff deputies were called to the indian reservation about 8:00 on saturday night. they say 31-year-old hecker is solaih killed her mother and two brothers and wounded his six-year-old nephew and then both his young daughters. the five-year-old will
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survive. she was located 30 miles away by tracking his cell phone. he was shot and killed after a slow speed car chase. and now to a bizarre case out of oregon. police say a seven and an 11-year-old boy tried to rob and carjack a woman. the victim says the 11-year-old showed her a gun and said it was loaded. she got away and called 9-1-1. the boys were caught and returned to the custody of parents. same-sex couples poured in to say i do. >> cara and emily became the first same sex couple to marry in king county at 1 minute past midnight. gay and lesbian couples started getting marriage licenses on thursday. washington law requires everyone to wait three days before exchanging vows. they approved the same-sex marriage law last month. time is running out for face bach users who want to
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weigh in on changes made by the social networking giant. so far 619,000 have voted, but 299 million more are needed to allow voting on future changes. if enough people don't vote facebook users will have their information intermingled with insta gram. voting continues until noon tomorrow. the new starbucks steel card they sold for $450 and is going for $1,000 on ebay. it is a limited edition card and comes with $400 for use in starbucks stores. that's incredible. let's get to sandhya patel who is checking our forecast. >> i think i need one of those cards right now. it is warm enough for some records. oakland airport was 66. the previous record was 65. it broke its record by 1 degree. downtown oakland by the way
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was 70 degrees. 71 in santa roughy saw and -- in santa rosa. 66 in san francisco. near 70 degrees in redwood city and head out toward antioch and it was 62 degrees. definitely a mild day, and we had beautiful sunsets. this one was posted to my facebook page from albany hill and it was a gorgeous sunset as you can see there. we will check out live doppler 7hd and show you what it looks like from that perspective. we have our own radar, and it will be tracking rain by the middle of this week. thases when you will need the umbrellas. clear and chilly in the valleys. sunny and mild for your monday. rain tuesday heading into wednesday. here is a look at your morning lows. the coldest locations will be in the wind sheltered valley. 37 in knop paw. napa. 39 in concord. it is chilly down toward san jose, 45 degrees.
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when you head out the door make sure you grab a coat or jacket. it will be under clear skies first thing in the morning. here is a look at the satellite and radar. we will warm up nicely. high pressure provided us with a nice offshore flow. it warmed us up, and we will go with another day of this as the ridge holds on. above average temperatures for your monday. it will be mild and sunny, but then things start to change and skies cloud up by tuesday, and tuesday night we introduce rain. 11:00 p.m. you will notice the north bay is already getting wet. the fslides to slide south and boo i 1:00 a.m. it will slide through. at 5:00 a.m. wednesday it does look messy for the rush hour as you will notice. widespread light to moderate rain. behind it though, we will see showery activity. the front is limited in moisture, and not expecting a lot out of the system, but it will be dragging. so a few showers will linger into wednesday evening. tomorrow afternoon, 66 in san jose. 63 for you in sunnyvale in the south bay.aratoga.
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65 saratoga. a mild day on the peninsula and 64 red rood city, san mateo. 65 in that half moon bay. clear skies in downtown san francisco. low 60s and sunny in the north bay. those northerly winds, northeasterly winds will warm you up to 68 in santa rosa, nava dough and head out -- novato and 66 in oakland and 64 concord and 65 livermore. around the monterey bay, temperature of 67 in monterey. here is your accu-weather forecast. chance of rain late tuesday into wednesday. wednesday is a real wet day. a cooler pattern and mid50s by wednesday. we will keep it cool. i will be honest with you. not that i am not normally, between friday and sunday, ama, the computer models are iffy. there is a chance of showers and maybe not. we'll pinpoint it as we get closer. right now we are doing drizzle and a chance of showers. >> thank you, sandhya. a group of mothers collected food and toys. the firefighters delivered
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bags of toys. an organization called moms against poverty plans to give the items away as part of the helping hand project. they helped wrap toys. the grown-ups did their part by assembling food baskets. all of the families volunteered to brighten the holiday for others. we will tell you more about it a little later. there were toys collected at the 49ers game as well. tws a ged game for them today. >> it was. the 49ers are back on the winning track. frank gore not only went over 600 yards in his career, but tied a
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the 49ers are winning ugly. they have not been as effective on offense with kaepernick leading the way. to his credit he is finding a way to overcome his inexperience. he set a new standard back in the season with his 18th and a half.
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he finished with two on the day. mistakes killed the dolphins. he casually downs the punt at the three, but he steps on the goal line. that's a touch back instead of down at the three the niners get it at the 20. that lead to a field goal. nine catches and 93 yards. 20 of them right here and it set up the field goal. 6-3 niners at the half. the 49ers two of 10 on third down conversions. he recovers the punt and frank gore converts that turnover. 10 points on turnovers. the first play and gore 19 of his 63 yards and his 6th career 1,000-yard season. and then anthony dixon takes it home 20-6. but here come the niners. he threw for 150 yards and niners lead is down to 7. kaepernick has thrown three td
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passes on 129 attempts, but he can run. this touchdown run seals it. 49ers gett the -- get the win and then colin knew he could have played better. >> i wish i had a few throws back, a few different decisions. we got a w. >> i thought he did a good job. the ball security was better in the pocket. he did tuck bell one time, but i -- he did fumble one time, but i thought it was an improvent in. i thought he did a good job. >> 49er running back says saturday via insta gram that he is on this team rotting away. theays this is by far the worst year i have ever had, and i will tell you like i will tell plenty of others. being active for two games and coach harbaugh will love that. we will take our final timeout. i need to catch my breath for plays of the day. and what a game it was. they beat tampa bay and didn't even make the plays of the day.
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the season is winding down, but plays of the day is heating up. the frozen tundra of lambeau field. we are so used to seeing aaron rogers throw touchdowns we forget he can run. the packers beat the lions. watch out for them down the stretch. the defense picked up the slack and colts have won 7 of 8 and one win away from a playoffs. the cowboys came behind in a win against the bengals. and liven with three td's and seahawks are a game back of the niners crushing the cardinals 58-0. peterson ran for two td's and 154 yards with three games to go he can reach 2,000 yards in the season as the vikings beat the bears. eli manning threw for three td's. three touchdowns and including
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this 97-yard kickof those are your plays of the day. college football awards keep on coming. notre dame line backer won the lot impact trophy given to the defensive player with the ig aboutest impact on his team including academic work and community involvement. he had seven interceptions this season, and this is his seventh national award. he won everything but the heisman. cal hosting unlv on the hardwood. new head coach there. he had 25 and rebels lead it at the half. 18 points and three-ball and cal up one and 5 seconds left. anthony marshall and air ball. there for the lay in with one second to go. you have to box out. cal blows a shot for the upset. cal falls to sick-2.
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. stick around. marcell reece talks football and celebrity bromance. still to come, giving back to the community. what some raiders players are doing to make a difference. >>- q. i and avoiding the -- >> and avoiding the fiscal cliff. the latest meeting to shore up the economy. and what is in a name? the east bay chant fighting to keep things the way they are. we will be right back.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines two people were found tied nupt
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middle of the street in san francisco's visitation valley. police tell us one was shot in the face. both victims were rushed to san francisco general hospital. also in san francisco, occupants of a stalled car managed to get out before a cal train smashed into the vehicle. the collision on 16th street near seventh stopped service for a short amount of time. the search suspended for a missing 77-year-old fair oaks man. philip maddingly was last seen on his tug boat late saturday evening while restoring a world war ii vessel. officials believe he may have fallen into the water. we are learning more about a one-on-one meeting at the whoit house today between john baner and the president. with just 23 days to go, are they any closer to a decision to prevent the fiscal cliff. >> for the first time in three weeks, a face-to-face meeting at the white house. today no cameras as the president sat down with john baner. no details are being offered
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which some will see as good news. the co creator of a debt reducing plan does see progress. >> anytime you have two guys in there and you have a chance to get it done. >> some republicans were admitting that the president will get a you lot of what he wants. joy let's face it. -- >> let's face it. he has the upper happened on taxes. the upper hand on taxes. >> why the compromising words? the white house moderated demands. the president says tax rates for the wealthy have to rise, but now word that the actual rate could be negotiatable! >> will i accept the tax increase as a part of a deal to actually solve our problems? yes. >> the problems according to republicans entitlement. and a leading democrat embraced a way to cut medicare costs. it is called means testing meaning those who make more would have to pay more for medicare. >> those with higher income and retirement could pay more. >> it is a two-man negotiation
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with the speaker feeling the heat from his right. "saturday night live" suggested republicans are bullying baner even in the cafeteria. >> he didn't even have any milk to drink. >> he has thrown it in the garbage. >> did they make any progress? both sides are tight lipped. the speaker's house and the white house released the exact same statement word for word. they are both being very quiet. david curly, abc news, the white house. >> the federal government is already planning for the possibility of cuts. the white house has ordered the military to plan on slashing $500 billion from the budget over the next 10 years. federal funding for schools would be cut 8.2%ment some ideas incle considered include eliminating the tax deduction for charitable contributions and not allowing the homeowners to write off mortgage payments.
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people spent the day digging out from the first big snowfall to hit the area. this video from fargo, north dakota shows snow falling at the rate of an inch an hour. several inches of snow fell across the dakotas and minnesota and wisconsin. that kept road crews busy plowing streets and keeping traffic moving. >> the first few shifts are hard, but you get into a routine and you get used to it and it is just the way it is. >> these minnesota vickings fans braved blizzard-like conditions and tailgated before the snow fell against the chicago bears. the fans warmed up once it started. that's because they played their home game in the metrodome. a north oakland neighborhood is trying to change its image, and they may get a new name. real estate agents are selling them. as thomas roman tells us, not everyone is a fan of the change. >> they have moved from san
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francisco into this area of north oakland with some real fors now referring to it as nobi. >> there is reasonable shopping around and there is good stuff. there is lots of kids in the neighborhood and lots of people walking their dog. it is nice. >> she loves north oakland. she has lived in this home near 60th and adeline for years. >> this is a long-standing north oakland community that is being swallowed up by real estate agents. >> she does not like the idea that real estate agents and brokers are selling the neighborhood for nobi. she says it is a plan to sanitize the area of oakland to boost home prices and gentrify the area. >> it is in this game of real estate prices and people wanting to think of oakland as only the bad news they see about shootings. oaklandshootings inand on saturday does nothing for oakland's identity as a destination. real estate brokers say the name change just reflects the reviet law -- revitalization
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of the city. easy access to the area and they are things that bring support to the families. he is selling it for $849,000. it is a block away from the oakland border. >> didn't really think of it as a name change. it was a creation of a district or giving it a -- an identity. >> the area has been known as the golden gate district or or north oakland. he is a partner in the james and giant cup cake shop in oakland. >> i don't really think it needs to change. the neighborhood can grow and the name can stay the same. >> residents plan to fight this thaim change. there is no telling whether or not this nobi will catch on for the south of market district in san francisco. in oakland, thomas roman, abc7 news. some big changes coming to the bay bridge toll plays swru. work is scheduled to begin on renovations to complement the new east span of the bay
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bridge which is scheduled to open next september. the $6.5 million project includes paving, restriping and a face-lift. the work is expected to take about six months. still to come on abc news at 11, 49er fans give a helping hand to some needy kids as they head into today's game. >> i realize that football isn't everything. >> what is really important to carson palmer? >> and i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. we have rain coming to the bay area. i will show you when live doppler 7hd will be tracking it. and a look at where nationally you may face d
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if you are getting geared up for the workweek here is sandhya with how the weather will be. >> it will be beautiful on monday. live doppler 7hd is looking at clear skies and they will be tracking rain by tuesday night into wednesday. i want to show you where there is a wintry mix of weather from the southern part of the country all the way up to the northeast. we are seeing this line of weather. thunderstorms are in the south and up to the northeast. it is a mix of rain, snow and freezing rain and sleet. they will be dealing with this weather in the next 24 hours. if you have travel plans you could face delays at the major hubs there tomorrow morning, so keep that in mind.
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here is the national forecast, 60 in boston and new york will be 65. thunderstorms in miami. 83 and a lot of snow fell across the upper midwest. fargo is 12 trees and it will be chilly. 65 in phoenix. statewide temperatures look like this, nice day around the state, 74 in los angeles with sunshine. fresno and sacramento looking at dense fog. in the afternoon, low 60s and up toward chico, 64 yosemite 53 degrees. here is a look at our high temperature. another mild, sunny afternoon. the temperatures will range from the low 60s to the upper 60s. here is a look at your accu-weather seven-day forecast. cooler on tuesday. big drop in the temperature and we will have rain tuesday night into wednesday. light to moderate and really not looking like a rain event. as we head into the weekend, the weekend could be rainy and a chance of rain and drizzle. mike nico will be here tomorrow tracking weather
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changes. >> thank you, sandhya. candlestick park was not only the scene of the 49ers game today, but also a chance for fans to make a difference for children. it was the 19th straight year operation dream held their toy drive at candlestick. the niners and the san francisco police are partners in the event. it is the first to benefit in public housing. >> we will having enough events to not only provide toys for the children, but to provide christmas parties and opportunities for the kids to interact with both community people, police officers. >> last year more than 20,000 toys were collected in san francisco throughout the holiday season and given away to children. ?oi well, the raiders get little rest on the season. and on the one day a week they could spend relaxing, many players go out to the community to help make a difference in the lives of local children. >> she got a big surprise when
2:47 am
carson palmer came to visit her in oakland. they are trading in their one-day off for time with the patience. >> we realize that football isn't everything. it is a great opportunity for us to come in and meet these kids. >> louis gonzalez has cancer. the visit by his favorite team lifted his spirits. >> i was sick. right now 30 minutes ago it went good. >> jones is from the bay area and feels blessed to be able to help out on his home tour. turf. >> you can tell it made his day which made my day. >> sometimes the players find they have things this common with the kids. >> and they are good sports. >> who is that on your pillow? >> those would be the jonas brothers. >> he loves the jonas brothers. >> in addition to the hospital visit, he recently talked with students at oakland's barack obama academy. they played touch football and
2:48 am
the kids learned a available lesson. joy i taught them about the 10 -- >> i taught them about the 10-second rule. they have 10 seconds to decide is this something i should be doing or not? that's the best way to do it. >> here the raiders presented a check for $10,000 as part of the play 60 grant. five lucky students got to ask some hard-hitting questions like how did they get so buff? and it is a chance for them to see heros up close. >> a lot of us came from the same place these kids are coming from. it let us know they cared. we want these kids to know we do care and something good can come out of them. >> he was saying that growing up he never got to interact with nfl players and that's why they like to get out. speaking of the raiders
2:49 am
they had the weekend off. but he was kind enough to sit down and talk about football, al davis and a
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the raider season is all but over as they lost their 6th straight game thursday night to denver. a bright spot has been marcell reece. believe it or not, he and i have something in common. >> all right, marcell, you and i have something in common.
2:52 am
we are both undrafted free agents with the miami dolphins. do you believe that? mine was 1978 and yours was -- >> 2008. >> wide receiver in high school, inned could of -- kind of a tweener. big for a receiver receiver and too small for a tightened and then are you a running back. should you that transformation at the pro level? >> at first it was kind of hard. it was different for me. high school and college and being a wide receiver my entire life. i had never done it before. >> it must be nice to get some touches. >> it is always nice to get touches as a competetor and as an athlete. you always want to be able to contribute positively to your team and trying to win games for me it is not just the numbers that really matter to me. it is being able to contribute to my team and do something
2:53 am
positive and lead by actions. >> you were here when al davis was here, passed away. it is a whole new regime. mckenzie and dennis alan. how strange has it been not to have al davis around? joy mr. d was a great -- >> mr. d was a great man, a genius in his own right. him and i were very, very close. we spoke quite often. and this will always be al davis' organization no matter what happens and who is here physically running the show. that's the mystique and the feel that it carries. >> i understand a good friend of yours is a chef. are you into food like that? >> we both love food. we both love to cook. we both love football and mma contact sports.
2:54 am
he is a great friend, a great guy. >> where did you meet? >> at a raider game. actually didn't know he was there and we ended up hooking up after the game. >> i understand you went to the kentucky derby this year. >> you done your homework. >> we wept to the kentucky derby this year. >> i'll have another has won the kentucky derby. >> had a blast. never miss another one. it is great, great clean fun. >> marcell reece. athletes always wanted to be rock stars and now it is celebrity chefs who have taken over that roll. role. the 49ers are busy, but it ain't pretty. dolphins sacked him four times and he fumbled once. to his credit he found a way to overcome his inexperience. he set a new standard for sacks on a season. he finished with two on the
2:55 am
day and that's 19 and a half on the season. they are two of 10 and special teams bailed them out. the third quarter recovers punt. frank gore takes it from there. most touchdowns in a franchise history with 50 and 10 points on turnovers. gore and watch his run. 19 of his 60 throw yards and his 1,000-yard season. dixon then pounds it home and 26 niners. the dolphins didn't quit. watch this amazing one handed touchdown grab. he threw for 150 yards. the niners lead is down to 7. kaepernick had 185 yards. he can run as evident with his touchdown. 49ers win it 27-13. and here is coach harbaugh on his quarterback. >> i thought he did a good job. his ball security was better in the pocket.
2:56 am
i thought that was an improvement. i thought he managed the game well and did a good job. >> cal hosting unlv with new football coach in the house. anthony bennett and that is a monster jam. he had 25 and rebels up 7 at the half. alan crab lead with 18. that's a three pointer. marshall with the air ball and you youngsters you have to block out. thomas for the lay in. one second to go and cal blows a chance at the upset. the rebels win it 76-75. cal falls to 6 and 2. the sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. >> even i could have told you that. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates. the news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for mike shumann and sandhya patel and everyone here thanks for joining us. and the abc7 news alarm clock app is available for an droid, the kindle fire and the iphone.
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you can download it for free and get headlines the moment you wake up. have a great night.
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this morning on "world news now" -- a dangerous and deadly rescue. >> a team of soldiers put their lives on the line to rescue an american doctor being held hostage in afghanistan. it's monday, december 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, everyone. i'm john muller in for rob nelson this morning. >> i'm sunny hostin. paula has the day off.


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